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A Loaded God Complex

cock it and pull it

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Geegasm Love
Gerards "Geegasms" Are Crazy/Sexy Love
Made By: dolphingoddess

by readytoignite.


I love music
I love people
I love friends(even though I have none)
I love comments
I love saying odd things
I love rain
I love the color of my font
I love concerts
I love warped tour
I love ice cream
I love making graphics
I love you^^

I hate my "friends"
I hate my looks
I hate my height
I hate spiders
I hate Ferard haters
I hate homophobes
I hate racists
I hate jerk
I hate closed-minded people.

I listen to The Used
I listen to Kill Hannah
I listen to From First To Last
I listen to HIM
I listen to Hot Hot Heat
I listen to Billy Talent
I listen to Panic! at the disco
I listen to My Chemical Romance
I listen to The Matches
I listen to AFI
I listen to avenged sevenfold
I listen to bright eyes
I listen to evanescence
I listen to fall out boy
I listen to good charlotte
I listen to hawthorn heights
I listen to papa roach
I listen to simple plan
I listen to something corporate
I listen to the all american rejects
I listen to the starting line

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